How to Launch gmShiny

Run App Locally

Run the below code in an R or R studio console:

# This first chunk of code is only necessary for first time users or after the most recent update to gmShiny (most recent update: 2/17/22)

remotes::install_github("INWTlab/shiny-matrix", force = T) 


devtools::install_version("geomorph", version = "4.0.5")

devtools::install_version("shiny", version = "1.6.0")

devtools::install_version("shinyjs",version = "2.0.0")

devtools::install_version("shinyalert", version = "2.0.0")

devtools::install_version("shinyWidgets", version = "0.6.0")

devtools::install_version("shinydashboard", version = "0.7.1")

devtools::install_version("shinythemes", version = "1.2.0")

devtools::install_github("INWTlab/shiny-matrix") # we want 0.6.1

devtools::install_version("shinyjqui", version = "0.4.0")

devtools::install_version("shinymeta", version = "")

devtools::install_version("prettycode", version = "1.1.0")

devtools::install_version("ape", version = "5.5") 

devtools::install_version("stringr", version = "1.4.0")

devtools::install_version("stringi", version = "1.6.2")

devtools::install_version("RColorBrewer", version = "1.1.2")

devtools::install_version("reactlog", version = "1.1.0")

devtools::install_version("StereoMorph", version = "1.6.4")

devtools::install_version("shinybusy",version = "0.2.2")

# Returning users can run this line alone


Advantages: Running gmShiny on your local computer can allow greater computational speed, a large number of concurrent users, and the use of larger datasets (depending on your local computer's specifications). Internet is only required upon installation.

Disadvantages: Recent updates to the required packages may produce errors not yet addressed by the gmShiny developers. If this occurs, please report it as an issue on the GitHub repository. Not available using Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Note for first time users: This app depends on several packages, so first time users will need to run the first several lines of code to install all the appropriate packages. Local R versions 4.1.0, 4.1.1, and 4.1.2 have produced several shiny-related errors as well, so users are recommended to use R v4.0.5 or older until this issue is resolved. Returning users can launch the app with just the final line of code. 

Run App on Server

Visit the following URL in any web browser:

Advantages: Running gmShiny on the hosted server has the benefit of not requiring R, R Studio, or any lines of code. This also avoids errors caused by the dependent packages releasing updates that have not yet been observed by the developers.

Disadvantages: Based on the number of active users and available server space, the computational speed and/or capacity might be constrained. This also requires internet access for the entire session (i.e., internet disruptions may end your session and reset the app).

Server specifications: